Music Blog Experts Unite: Form of a Digital Rookie

Until I get things sorted out, I have to re-learn what’s going on in today’s music business. This is not that exciting, however I am learning a few things. Good songs will rise to the surface of all the words darting around the web. I learned you still need radio, you still need some press, but now more than ever, indie music starts right here, in the blog trenches. The key issue is delivery without adding to the digital content or email in-box compost. I am thinking about that now. If you have any thoughts about sharing solid tunes in 2007, please chime in. Bloggers and Blog readers, plus any special interest groups. You can email me too.

The first HappyParts release will be a co-release with Strangertouch Records: “the dilettantes”. I am preparing myself to send music out, get the record in stores, and the other stuff. I have not done this sort of thing since sending out Brendan Benson’s first CD that most people ignored. I still play the thing in my room. Jack White caught on and now you know Brendan Benson. I will post one the tunes from “one mississippi” as soon as another blog genius teaches me how. “Sittin’ Pretty” is a great tune. The lyrical pop visual is tender and crass at the same time, leaving the room steamy afterwards.

New music that I enjoy listening to: Shins. I like that single. I like classic sounds. I also like this San Francisco outfit called Wooden Shjips. Psych bombast similar to J&MC back in the day. The Pipettes sound fun. I am a sucker for Wall of Sound production. I would love to find a great soul group to work with one day. The real deal Doo Wops, wall of sound and vocals with mean ass pipes.




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