Ready, Pull, Arcade Fire!

Arcade Fire

“In fact it’s Pin-Up of the illustrator Gil Elvgren, I like very much his drawings.. ” remarked Chloe’

Between the Mp3 blogs, ep’s, Funeral, tours, SNL, Canadian Time Magazine cover, file sharing, and college radio, People go out and buy records.What I found interesting is that Modern Rock radio is not playing this? Or am I blind? Specialty shows only? I think I might study spins VS. sales on commerical radio. It used to be that radio would play what was selling. Is this not the case? Is 30 Seconds to Mars selling? Please advise.
RIAA needs to stop suing 12 year olds. A famous manager once said that the tape to tape player was a home pirating machine. The film industry freaked out about the VCR. File Sharing is direct marketing gone wild. It eliminates wasted funding to re-coup, and allows for true artist development. Things really have not changed. No tricks needed. Just good songs and a few clicks. Instant research and flexible planning. No limos needed. Footnote: I have not listened to the Arcade Fire or 30 seconds to Mars. I am not compelled to do so. It’s fun watching others do that.


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