Talking Spins Memo

Arcade Fire was number 2 on the billboard 200 album sales chart last week. 30 Seconds to Mars was number 49 on the billboard album sales chart last week. You debut in the top 5 and no pudding. That is so weird. Maybe my critical thinking is flawed? Something like: Lots of people drank water last week. Does that mean we should play water on the radio? I was just thinking that Arcade Fire has that momentum or interest to sustain a new music fan.

Arcade Fire had 14 spins on “Modern/Alternative” Radio this week (media-base) One would think that radio would find a place on the air for record that appears to be “alive with pleasure” (ever see that ad for Newport cigarettes?)

30 Seconds to Mars had 799 spins on “Modern/Alternative” Radio week (media-base) Their album has been on the Billboard 200 for 47 weeks and peaked at #11. I just read that it has sold over 2 million copies. I sit corrected.

Lesson learned for me: It takes 47 weeks to get up to 799 spins. Total sales Vs. pure sales momentum: Circle gets the Square. This is the modern world. No wonder music people never call me back. They are probably at their therapists trying to sort out this thing out too. If anyone needs any support. HappyParts is here for you. Footnote: I have not listened to the Arcade Fire or 30 seconds to Mars. I am not compelled to do so. It’s fun watching others do that.


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