Motor Mount

So after changing both the fuel filter and fuel pump, I learned that my motor mounts were shot. These are rubber things that keep the engine locked in when it revs up. I don’t have a Hemi in my GMC Sonoma. However, I noticed when doing 65-75 it wound-up like like a meth-head in detox. Boo Hoo!

Here’s a major truck owner tip: Take your gate off! Use it when YOU need it, not for every asshole who asks you to help them move every 6 days. It’s weird, when you buy a truck, you morph into a U-Haul center in the eyes of others. Not Fair! No gate, no move, sorry. Too dangerous. I don’t do ropes.

The truck has little more of a jump. So I suggest you check your motor mounts too. They say its common that they break after 5 years. I was flying around the 680, 580, 24, and Bay Bridge last night. No issues. No gate. Perfect.



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