Summer Hypnosis Love for Music Press

Your eyelids are fluffy, like pillows. You are warm. You are weightless. Your mind is clearing. You are sleepy. You want to discover a great sound. You want to be free and have a good time. You want to break away from the pack. You want to hear some brand new rock n’ roll. You reach out on your desk. You hands clear away the pile of CD’s. You pick up “101 Tambourines” and move towards the player. You press play. Your eyes open wide, as your head leans back in a fluid motion. A warm feeling comes across your body. You feel your blood warm from head to toe. You have arrived. You listen past track 3 and embrace the album. You realize that records sound better when played. You stare into the spirals of sound, and float away with the classic-modern sounds of The Dilettantes.


We need to embrace this experience, and share it with others. We need to think of others. Summer is here. Time to share.


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