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Monday, December 10, 2007

The Dilettantes – 101 Tambourines

Joel Gion was the tambourine player and “spokesperson for the revolution” in Brian Jonestown Massacre. He has left and rejoined the band more often then any other BJM member. His newest band, The Dilettantes, is exactly what the doctor order to fill your rock ‘n roll prescription. The CD 101 Tambourines actually came out in July of this year which means that my discovery is a little bit late, but hey! better late than never, dig? It follows in the same mold as Gion’s work in BJM, providing us with that classic psychedelic rock sound that is sure to get your head shakin’ rattlin’ and rollin’. If you’re familiar with the documentary Dig!, than you know all about Joel’s antics and the fact that his motto seems to be fun fun fun. Well, that optimism is portrayed nicely throughout this release, making it such a classic sounding record that I feel it’s destined to become a classic. I really admire the fact that although Joel is the most recognizable face on the cover, this is by no means a one man show. The band also consists of Jefferson Parker and Brock Galland on guitar, Nick Marcantonio on bass and KC Kozak on drums. Joel writes the bulk of the songs and sings most of the songs, but the others all make contributions as well, giving the album all sorts of variety, while staying steeped in the classic 60’s.

The album kicks off with the all-out rocker “Ready To Go” which has an artsy delivery that reminds me of the early days of Roxy Music while still firing ahead with straight forward rock guitar riffery. The Stones are all over the next song entitled “Subterranean Bazaar,” with a little bit of New York Dolls in the vocals. Man, I love this sound! “Brightly Lit Dark Ages” takes things down a little bit, settling in a slightly more acoustic Byrds-y area, while still making heavy use of psychedelic keyboards and sounds. Jefferson Parker takes over lead vocals on “Don’t You Ever Fall” and “Never Go Without” sounding like Ray Davies on the former and Gram Parsons on the latter. Brock Galland also gets a couple of turns at the mike on the slightly twangier “You’re Gonna Need More Time” and “Kiss & Run” leading me to wonder if maybe he’s the Mike Nesmith of the bunch. The album ends with “What Were You Thinking?” which has a slight Stone Roses feel to it. I realize that simply name dropping so many different artists could be considered a real slice of lazy journalism, but the fact is that if you like any of these bands than you owe it to yourself to pick up 101 Tambourines. It’s a real trip, man!

Myspace: The Dilettantes
Stream: You can listen to the whole album over at Happy Parts Recording.
Videos: Ready To Go on Youtube & 101 Tambourines Promo Clip on You tube

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