Nevermind SXSW – NoisePoP was closer.

Just got back from an old school day of indie schmoozing. The NoisePop folk hooked me up. All the people I needed to meet and say hello to in one room, and it cost be $3.00 to cross the bridge + some quarters for my meter. I was quite pleased- My objective was to learn some things from the indie jet set. Bingo! It worked. I am wearing all the hats @ HappyParts. It makes life interesting. I am an indie Sybill of sorts. No meetings, just decisions. Sometimes things get heated on the yard, however, nothing I can’t handle. It’s all about respect, and self preservation. Oh yeah, Golden Animals and Entrance ruled the opening night. Also seeing Aaron Axleson run shit. He’s one passionate dude. Thank you’s to the following for some inside information:



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