Soft Sounds for Gentle People


I was wandering down Telegraph avenue today and I stopped for some homeless therapy. I have learned that homeless dudes are real good listeners and often provide non-objective suggestions to life’s struggles. Not only did I feel better after talking with dude, He introduced me to one of the best compilations I have heard in years.

“Soft Sounds for Gentle People”- During our session, he was quietly playing some beautiful laid back California pop 60’s grooves that sound 20X better than music written or blogged about these days. The liner notes provide some amazing back-story to each track. I really dig learning about production, writers and arrangers- the best records, or songs for that matter have a a great team behind them. It’s a we thing. There’s music on this record that was produced by Felton Jarvis, Leon Russell, Al Kooper, Chris Huston, Glenn Grey and many more behind the scene greats.

One of my favorite cuts is track #6 by Le Cirque, ” Land of Oz.” The song has a warm sound filled with horns and strings, and a quirky vocal break, sped up at one point. The beat is a solid groove, which sounds oddly familiar to Manchester dance floor tracks from the early 90’s. (eg. Primal Scream) That creative pathway reminds me of other recent $1.00 bin abduction(s)- Janis Ian’s first record, “Society’s Child” or Giorgio Moroder’s synth/power-pop classic, “Son of My Father.” I’ve heard both record’s arrangements, and melodies in some recent pop hits. Just too close to be a coincidence- you know what I mean?

I can’t recommend this enough- to true soul music enthusiasts, or for modern melody, or beat thieves who rip off $1.00 record bin gold, as if it’s acceptable behavior. (see file sharing addiction, too) I searched on Google. and apparently there is a series you can order from Dusty Groove. I suggest ordering now, before they are lost forever. I also plan to order the She and He -22 Far out Psych duos from the late 60’s. These Pet dudes get the now scene, when, where, and how it was shaped. Godspeed.



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