Out Of Tune Soul

The Dilettantes

The Dilettantes
When Joel Gion takes time out from playing percussion for San Francisco based psychedelic band the Brian Jonestown Massacre, and he’s not busy acting as awkward tambourine guy #2 on the Gilmore Girls, he fronts another San Francisco based outfit called the Dilettantes. Their debut album, aptly titled 101 Tambourines, is a frothy mixture of psychedelic 70s guitars, and simple drum patterns. If you plaid this album to a teenager, they’d probably say that it was recorded in 1973. There is absolutely no gimmickry, what you see is what you hear. This about as pared back a sound as you’re going to get in this modern age, and frankly, it is refreshing. In a day where albums are overproduced, full of samples and effects that are impossible to reproduce on stage, it is nice to know that a group of musicians can come together and make original music with little more than guitars, amps, and drums. My only complaint about this album was the mixing job. The vocals are a bit too upfront for my taste, and given that Gion is no Pavarotti, his Tom Waits-ish scratchy voicebox would sit a little better further back in the mix.The Dilettantes are currently touring the UK, and are coming down to London on Saturday, where I hope to check them out. I suggest you do as well.
Out of Tune Soul

Thanks man.

Sancho Panza (a.k.a Alex LΓ©ger) is a Canadian musician, writer and artist based in London, England.


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