Sit and Wonder – Verve


Verve played the Warfield Theater last night. Overall the show was quite epic. DJ Wayne opened the show with the good stuff, the hard to find nuggets, off those obscure rock albums we find by digging. The sound was dead on soul crunching. Coachella bound- the desert will shine. No pomp and circumstance- just one solid tune after another- This is a big time rock band. Verve live confirms that a true band is indeed the sum of it’s parts. The rhythm bombast of Peter Salisbury and Simon Jones holding down the low end, the ethereal guitar genius of Nick McCabe. And the full-on rock star vocal delivery of Richard Ashcroft – his charisma and soul shining bright- as if he’s doing exactly what God had planned. Together this band is a true soul force. All the kings men can not hold them back. Two new tracks sounded brilliant as ever. “Sit and Wonder” and a four star unamed dance floor rock anthem (DFRA) that harkens back to the best of the Manchester Factory record days. (circa New Order and Joy Division. ) Ah oh, Ah oh. New Album coming soon- Sounds like this fall will be easy on the ears. Godspeed.


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