Introducing: Beggars

Just stumbled across this track- check em out now via you tube clip. That cheeky geezer drawl makes some drool, yet sends others into a rage. That’s the good stuff. Panic in the streets. They have a nice energy about them- something in the Reading water perhaps. They sound like the kind of lads that mom and dad would fancy- as long as they leave their gear in the car. Beggars also do a Leonard Cohen cover of “The Future” which rings wild with Tenderloin imagery not suitable for Sunday School.

They won’t have to travel far to play the festival this year. Is that still on? You can here more tunes on their Beggars MySpace– This band could give the Jonas Brothers a run for the teen money-Not sure what market EMI is targeting, or what career dreams this band might have, but I digress: Open Memo to EMI and Beggars: Pitch Disney producers a TV variety show: Hey Hey were the Beggars, People think were Beggin’ around… Bingo! Cash Money. Monkees were the most! Ask anyone who knows anything about music. Disney Channel could use a psychedelic rave-up with music, comedy and Beggars.


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