Classic Track Of Day- Bee Gees

OK- this is my very first ‘true’ Mp3 Blog- granted it’s not about McClaren Pool- but I digress. The Lion Man from the Sand Band camp near Liverpool,  (debut coming soon on HPR) hipped me to this classic Bee Gee’s B-Side that compelled me to learn how to upload Mp3’s- If someone in the Bee Gee’s camp wants me to take it down- just let me know- I have been a fan of this band for years- The early, early stuff – One of my all time favourite tracks- “Every Christian Lion Hearted Man Will Show You” has been ringing in ears forever- this new one (to HappyParts) will do the same- “On Time” – First released in 1972 as B-side of My World. It can be found on the bootleg ‘A bread apart’; and on Tales from the Brothers Gibb (1990).

What I love about this tune- the minimalist production- low-fi, yet symphonic- simple, yet Broadway- true soul- Dig it.  Listening to this tune pretty much non- stop since last night – is like being introduced to a classic movie you never saw- Like when I saw Taxi Driver for the first time- and now I know most of  Travis’ lines by heart.  ”  Well, Betsy mam, I drive by this place here in my taxi many times a day. And I watch you sitting here at this big long desk with these telephones, and I say to myself, that’s a lonely girl. She needs a friend. And I’m gonna be her friend. ” I can throw down some Repo Man lines too- but I won’t get too tangential now- back to the Bee Gees.


I ain’t got time , only got a dime to make a last call
I’m gettin’ soaking wet and it ain’t rained yet since last fall
I got myself a coach ticket on the Southern railroad line
I don’t have to worry ’cause I know it never leaves on time

Late last night we made love and ev’rything was all right
You walked out the door and the only thing I saw was the hall light
I got myself a coach ticket on the Southern railroad line
I don’t have to worry ’cause I know it never leaves on time


Why didn’t you see that you don’t feel the same way as I do
I understood before that you couldn’t take much more as I knew
I got myself a coach ticket on the Southern railroad line
I don’t have to worry ’cause I know it never leaves on time

This First Edition ‘true’ Mp3 post is dedicated to my music friends, and mentors – You know the score.  Tracks like this keep me “well.” Just like the new VERVE track that is streaming in space-“Love is Noise”   It’s a postmodern Manchester rave-up w/ classic Ashcroft lyrics-“Walk on souls that are made in China ” Loyalty means everything to me, and I am a soldier for life – Even if I am moved to jazzercise,  till the album rolls in.


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  1. Wow! Can’t believe someone remembers this one! I had it on a 45 when I was a kid. My sister and I always considered it one of their best – Mo was the edge of that group. I always thought that while the group was Robin-centric through ’75, and Barry-centric through’90… they should have gone Maurice-centric and let his rock and vocal edge catapult the band into a new musical era. Thanks for posting this.

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