Classic Track Of Day – Brendan Benson

Brendan Benson’s debut album “One Mississippi”  came out in 1996 on VRA.  It’s been in my top 100 releases ever since. In HappyParts world- this record is a classic.  Recorded in San Francisco in the Tenderloin @ Hyde Street Studios- It’s chock full of classic tunes that are timeless in sound, and shape.  It’s a shame about ray, but deeper.  More rock, than pop- the production, (Ethan Johns)  the performance, the true soul revealed in 12 lovely tracks.  Brendan’s future looked bright- so much so that Tom Petty’s manager signed on too. The record floated a away into collectible obscurity- in a world where Big Star,  Raspberries, Hüsker Dü,  and other power-pop exhibitions rest- brilliant, resilient, and always resurfacing in a new song.

Sittin’ Pretty

HappyParts would have never guessed that Jack White would collaborate with Benson- perhaps it was a label mate thing (V2) – and the result- The Raconteurs  Jack White’s star meets Brendan’s soul. They will make some big records together- the future again feels bright.  “One Mississippi” starts out with 3 tracks- I am not skilled at linking all three – “Tea” + “Bird’s Eye View” + “Sittin’ Pretty” roll out like a mini-pop rock opera- all killer, no filler- here’s grand finale of the beautiful triptych- “If I point my gun at you, are you gonna see it my way ? ” Rock Noir at it’s best, baby. As always- Brendan-if you want me to take the track down,  Just let me know.


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  1. just published a real short post about bb. enjoy.

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