Classic Track of Day – Burning Sensations/Jonathan Richman

1984 was a bad year, and a good year. A bad year – as it was eerily similar to the economic conditions that are effecting many today- the housing crisis, the war, fuel, public education and blah blah, yadda, yadda- (even more bazaar today when cable pontiffs’  Hannity and O’Reilly get paid ( and huge ratings)  to defend the obvious social problems caused, or exacerbated by today’s govt. administration.  They do this by having guests on- specifically to harass,  and belittle anyone who dissents from their views- sound a bit like 1941? It’s close – but these dudes are entertainers, not journalists or dictators.  It’s conservative show-biz,  baby.  No different than strippers in suits.  This not smoking thing is causing me to ramble.

Repo Man’s factor – was the TV show that Otto’s parents were sucked into- You have to watch the picture. “Put it on a plate son, you’ll enjoy it more” (Does a generic can labeled “Food” taste better on a plate?)

Bottom line we all got to duck, when the shit hits the fan. Repo Man was a classic movie that captured that (& this) time – -therefore timeless,  in both screenplay,  characters, and music.  Alex Cox’s 35mm painting is up there with Taxi Driver.  It’s a slice of dark comedy that has never left my film history default button – when I think about  ‘pop culture commentary ‘ in cinema.   It’s happening right here, right now.  There are so many great tracks on the Repo Man soundtrack. I’ll have to start with a  Jonathan Richman cover- (who just released a new record BTW – see Pitchfork) “Pablo Picasso” Avocado rhymed with El Dorado.  Check out Burning Sensations’ performance about a real daddy-o, that was never called an asshole.  Not like me.

Pablo Picasso


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