Nice one(s). – Golden Animals

“When they rock out in the faux-blues readymade “The Steady Roller,”
you can practically inhale the pungent aroma of their pirate shirts.
They’re a marriage made in psychedelic desert-blues heaven.” Blender

“unpolished sound from ghostly echoes of 60’s West Coast Psychedelia
50’s rock and roll and swampy old blues. They have a nice, semi-chaotic
way about them” Mojo

“Their ragged eclecticism is a winning one, taking detours into slide
country, beat up folk and starry desert ballads” Uncut

“Make no mistake: this is psychedelic pop-rock for the flower
generation, still going strong in 2008. It is pure old style
California: all guitar driven attitude and bluesy stomp. Free Your
Mind and Win a PonyΒ Β  has got all the hip-slung fun and holler of alt
scene favourites, The White Stripes, but presents itself without dark
edges.” Bearded

“Psychedelic blues-rock, long on reverb and chugga-lugga drum/guitar
rhythms okayed by the light of a baritone moon” Independent on Sunday

“Delicately crafted songs such as such as Follow Me Down are
interspersed with chugging psychedelic blues and infectious, mescalin-
around-the-campfire feel.” The Guardian

“Transcends the limitations of their rudimentary set up. Album
highlight “Queen Mary (The Flop) features multiple tempo changes and
builds to an electrifying frenzy which must go down a storm in a live
setting. “Ride Easy” begins as a tender country plodder, but
undertakes several detours with satisfying results”

“An intense blend of scratchy blues riffs, woozy psych, and
walloped drums” NME

“They know how to riff with atomic force” Dazed and Confused

“Who thought that dusty, fusty rock and roll would be one of the
sounds of the brave new 2008?”Β

“Golden Animals: have unleashed eleven tracks filled with solid blues
guitar work that resembles The Doors and Cream, as well as 60s-era pop
melodies reminiscent of The Zombies and The Beatles. Heavy guitar-
driven tracks like “The Steady Roller” and “Queen Mary (The Flop)”
sound straight out of the golden age of rock and roll rather than
their origin in today’s era of increasingly mixed, sampled and
electronic music.” Anthem

Nice one(s).


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