Avatar signs recording contract

HappyParts saw a TV show on a young woman who due to stage fright, can only play live as an avatar in Second Life. (I have the same problem with Stand-Up Comedy BTW) I scratched my head and said this sounds like something really interesting. I was curious when will some one attempt to monetize music in the virtual world?  I really had no idea how to pursue my avatar talent search- sans signing on to the game, and spending time getting to know the virtual world.  Of course my wandering mind moved on to something else. Today I stumble across this article- Better think fast Murdoch.

Blues Avatar signs record contract

Attention Second Life avatars- if you have true soul- please direct me to where I can hear your music. I am interested in working with you. Can we press records for free in Second Life? All tracking sessions are completed for free. There is no re-coup. ( A large portion of today’s digital generation seem to forget all the costs involved a producing a quality recording.) They’re already living the Second Life. I would like to open a used LP shop. I would stock all the classics and trade them for other emphemra. All the rules change in the virtual world- talented artists could have agents, tours, and clubs would book them (no two week rules)  We could go to a pre-MTV world – where gifted artists could have careers.  Where radio supports artist development.  The list goes on….and that’s just for music.  I would program a radio station right away.  That would be important to me.  What about:

1. Universal Health Care and free Rx for all.

2. Food for everyone.

3. No need for cars or gas, or pesky bicyclists who take up a lanes, give stink eyes, and then run red lights.

4. Legalize and tax drugs to eliminate 75% of crime,  and the government deficit.

5. I would live on the beach – so I can return to surfing daily.

6. Nevermind rent- we all own our cribs.

7. Your wish here: __________________________________


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  1. hey!
    I made on photoshop anime myspace pics.
    Thank you for your website 🙂 xxoxo

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