Classic Track Of Day – Ariel Abshire

Let’s face it God is Good. But Texas is better. No, not really. But Austin seems to be a breeding ground for dangerous talent – 13 Floor Elevators, Golden Dawn,  Janis Joplin, Willie Nelson, and more. It’s my pleasure to share with you a new talent – Ariel Abshire. You may have read another post about her- but her debut came in the mail the other day (out on Darla in October) and I was much obliged to listen. It’s my feeling that her talent is much greater than her debut material. I am thinking of this record as her nebula – It is the first stage of a star’s cycle – that which will shine brighter with each tracking session.

My old boss,  Ken Sarachan of Rasputin Music would let me watch him sort through used LP’s late at night- It was amazin’ – so many great records.  That’s where he turned my on to a young Janis Ian and other “ingenues” who had that undefined thing- that innocence that Alex Chilton described when composing  “13” with Big Star.  HappyParts really wants Ariel to sing Jefferson Parker’s  tune- “Don’t You Ever Fall” from Dilettantes’ “101 Tambourines.”  She would knock that tune out of the park.  Next Record Ariel? Until then- dig the sounds of a wanderlust composition written at the age of 15. Delicately produced by Andy Sharp- there are indeed some timeless recordings on this record.  Now get out there and kill it,  Ariel.

Exclamation Love


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