Classic Track of Day – Bee Gees

LP USA  Atco 33-223

1967 (US) ATCO 33-223

I could not find a decent image to post of the cover- however if you look closely, there’s some tikki type action on right side – Pusheadlike drawings on the left.  The album cover was designed by Klaus Voormann. It’s a beauty,  and I don’t have scanner at home.   Either way- HappyParts posted this tune a while back – I think I used a you-tube clip or somethin’.  But since I went true Mp3 blog a while back – I’m a true believer. Sgt. Pepper’s came out the same year, so leave those thoughts behind. The low-fi, yet sweeping arrangements have built careers for others – Some might say.

I was driving home tonight, listening to an interesting new record, and it reminded me of this album – where every song takes a different turn through pop, rock, psychedelic, and R&B – I dig records that tap in and keep me guessing.  This early Bee Gee’s tune really strikes a chord with HappyParts – it wanders up a symphonic staircase with a monk choir chaser– never ending really- such as my worries.  The brothers Gibb (+2)  sing “Don’t walk so tall, Before you crawl,” ‘An ominous warning’, for this west coast record guy.

Every Christian Lion Hearted Man Will Show You


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