Classic Track of Day – Metallica

I have been playin the radio show that aired few weeks back on CD in my car- it’s like a metal Cheech and Chong record- accept there is no weed- just some drummers who respect one another- Dave Grohl played DJ, and interviewed Metallica.  Grohl is a true fan of the group- so it made for great radio.  He could do a talk show, and pull serious ratings, if he keeps this up.  No wonder Letterman loves him.

HappyParts has been reading several reviews from the digital indie jet set that have not been pleasant.  It goes to show you- that many digital journalists tend to take on releases like this with the played-out idea that there must  be something “wrongso we’ll do our best to make the case.  Metaphor:  A clever indie lawyer twisting words to get a innocent band convicted, for a crime they obviously did not commit.  And then they call the publicist for tickets when the band comes around.

Make no mistake- these are grown men playing groove laden, rock and roll- loud, heavy, and fast – this is no “aging men trying to reclaim their youth” as one indie-metal-politico suggested.  Burn heals dude.  This band does not have to reclaim anything.   There is no plausible case to suggest this record lacks magnitude.  We are witnessing the last of the arena metal titans get back to basics.  Keep it simple.

2008 Warner Bros. 508737

2008 Warner Bros. 508737

Broken, Beat, Scarred


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