Confessions Of A Promo Junkie’

The very reason HappyParts came to be – broadband and the so-called leveled playin’ field.  It’s partly true.  You can run a label from anywhere now.  And yes broadband makes it easier.  However – the very people we rely on to listen to music,  and perhaps write about releases – still request plastic, and also tend to listen to music sent by jet set pluggers, and that costs more cash.   We need Obama’s campaign to guide us- “Change we can believe in.”  Another scary reality- media  respond to hired pluggers, more than labels themselves.  It used to be the other way around in the 90’s.  But I was down for minute,  and things changed.

Jennie Warren

Photo: Jennie Warren

Please enjoy this Randall Roberts article – I dig his candor.  Perhaps it will motivate jet set to ‘cool out’ on the plastic.  I did however- request that he pretend HappyParts is based in Los Angeles – that way our releases make those piles, and not be traded for Hawkwind re-issues.  Only selling or ‘trading’ out of town artists – indeed suggests addictive behavior- in rehab, they call it “rationalizing.”  I can’t drink anymore, but smokin’ weed is cool.  Randall – perhaps you can accompany me to a Plastic Anonymous meeting next time I come to LA?  There’s a program for everything.  Godspeed.  Amazin’ article man. Thank you.

Confessions Of A Promo Junkie


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