Classic Track of Day – Oasis

Big Brother/Reprise 514078

Big Brother/Reprise 514078

What a time for music eh? Wow. Just got the new Oasis record- again, loyalty means everything to me.  And this time, Oasis makes that easy.  The recording, and mix is just pleasant as can be- a true Manchester psychedelic experience that mirrors Liverpool’s finest- Echo and The Bunneymen channeling Crazy Horse.  HappyParts  would venture to say this record is departure from the Beatles map quest – and to play that card in a review is tired.  The record was mixed at Village Recorder in Los Angeles, and taps into Laurel Canyon more so than, Liverpool.  West Coast Psychedelia is the now scene, and where it’s happening.  It took them 7 records for Noel to find home.  There are so many tunes to select- the electronics, keyboards, and mellotron delicately layered with pitch perfect riffs.  Rock Beauty all down the line.  Lots of biff-boom-pow kick drum and bass.   And those big Les Paul guitar tones… Geezers united.  Bring Verve with you to the States. Done Deal. Godspeed.

Falling Down


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