Circulus Album Appeal

HappyParts was clickin in the am and bumped into this genius today. Thanks to Kristof Certik from Winter Family and Dope, HappyParts discovered this unique record financing plan. Read on patriots.

Signalling from the forest floor

Signalling from the forest floor

“CIRCULUS ALBUM APPEAL Dear friends, I’m sure many of you are aware of the sorry state of the music industry and how much harder it is now to release albums, with major labels teaming up with mobile phone companies and all that desperate nonsense. We have recorded our third album and many of those who have heard it say it’s the best one yet. Rather than giving it away to some record label we have chosen to release on our own label Mythical Cake (can anyone spot the anagram?) We have called it “Thought Becomes Reality”. The artwork and songs follow a 2012 theme. In order to meet production costs and bring this album to you we are launching an exciting appeal. The inside of the cd booklet depicts a drawing of a large extraterrestrial craft. There are portholes along the side of the craft.

    If you can help us launch this album we will show your photograph peering out of one of the portholes.

You will be journeying with us and you will have made this flight possible. Here it is, take it or leave it. Fifty pounds a seat. We will also send you three advanced copies well before its official release in March 2009. Please get in touch via or
Please forward this message on!”


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