Classic Track of Day – Brian Eno

1973 Island IPS-9268

1973 Island IPS-9268

HappyParts is in the process of completing the pressing work  for Sir Lord Von Raven‘s record – “Please Throw Me Back in The Ocean” – Earlier in the week,  I  was struggling to provide the track sheet/bio reference point from which to draw from – as the songs will be unlike anything the hipster set has  heard in about 25 years-  I rested  somewhere between Lou Reed’s Transformer,  and Brian Eno’s Here Come  the Warm Jets.  Both exceptional recordings.  Songs that are rooted in classic rock and roll – dolled up in glam heels.  Recordings that were classic solo efforts after exiting subterranean  outfits  – For Lou Reed it was Velvet Underground,  and for Brian Eno – it was Roxy Music.

The piano melodies found on Here Come The Warm Jets – flip back and forth, from piano to synthesizer instrumentation- and as Robert Christgau noted in his original ‘A’ review back 1974 – “Minimally differentiated variations on the same melody recur and recur” –  Eno’s  solo debut was a blue print for the future of rock and roll.  Listening to the entire record, as I write this tonight – it sounds so f*%cking contemporary- as if it should be on everyone’s  top 10 year end list,  along side Deerhunter.

Needle In The Camel’s Eye


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