Classic Track Of Day – Blur

1994 FOOD 10

1994 FOOD 10

Damon Alburn if he wanted – could be the king of all pop.  He’s that talented.  He could have gone the route of Elton John – if he chose.   But alas, he did not.  Instead he followed his heart, and spent his Blur cash – traveling  the world sharing landscapes of personal musical  interests – from experimental to cartoon-hop,  from Mali to Baghdad – world beat to film score(s).  Blur’s group effort – Parklife was an inconic ‘Brit-Pop’  masterpiece-  After a few more  releases:   Graham ventured into low-fi-life,  Dave into airplane-life, and Alex into writing,  DJ, and gentleman’s-life.

HappyParts has been reading  posts about upcoming  Blur gigs with original line-up.  Nice one.   ‘This is a Low’ – is classic,  sweeping, cinematic pop song.   A  perfect tune  for holiday dysthymia.

This is a Low


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  1. Interesting piece, you may want to check out my related post and review of Blur’s Parklife album.

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