6.1 on the jetset scale – Nice one.

Good day here at HappyParts HQ – Pitchfork Review came in today for Golden Animals debut’- and HappyParts is delighted- as it’s about quality- not quantity – and sound does matter.  Superlatives galore- For the most part. Think of this record as the chaser (very necessary,) and then see/hear them live for the shot – then you’ll feel the rush, the sound, the soul,  Tommy and Linda are lifers – with tremendous talent, and a future as bright as the want.   To get there, you have to go there.  And they love to travel.


Chess Volt Studios - Photo: Landry

Golden Animals are booking a West Coast tour as we speak,  planning a trip down to Austin for The Black Angels psych festival and might just turn up at  parties at  SXSW.  Next, they will cover the west, back across the states and then across the Atlantic to U.K and Europe,  for summer shows and festivals. “It’s more reliable to bring the music to the people- then to trust, that they will come to you. ” suggested anonymous indie mentor of HPR.

Here’s a one-take recording from a recent blog/studio session with Luxury Wafers – HappyParts is smitten by this tracks’ potential – see them live soon- they are playin’ tunes from HPR287 and lots of new material too.  Be there, now.

Love Tap

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