Classic Track of Day – The Mars Volta

2003 GLS/UMD 593-02

2003 GLS/UMD 593-02

Hard to believe it’s only been 6 years since this The Mars Volta released this record.   They have been making timeless music from the gate.  We can cite with conviction that At The Drive In’s – “One-Armed Scissor”  un-consciously helped paved the emo-revolt- but that was just not their scene- they wanted more, and the result was and  a whole new sound & vision – dangerous, immediate and dynamic- just like rock and roll should be.  Once again reading the liner notes- Rick Rubin- this dude has had a hand in so many great records the last 20 years.  Amazing.  Of curious note – El Paso, Texas – same town where Sir Lord Von Raven hails from- must have been something in the tamales – cuz both these bands delivered some fucked up – true soul rock and roll.  One inspired by ELP progressive, the other  doo-wop Ronson – glam.

interiatic esp


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