Bra Brand Band (BBB) – brand and roll.


HappyParts has been enjoying Songs For Soap feed for the last few weeks. Perhaps it’s my age- but these kinds of blogs tend to make a me think a bit more, than reading about Animal Collective,  Killers  or Yeah Yeah Yeah’s new disco rock machine – over and over – till the jetset blogs move on to the next SEO item.  Digital hispters cite historical sound collages , as  spirit and innovation.  I’d say it’s more Rauschenberg-esque. Now that’s exiting criticism.  Perhaps we can just say – these artists are making great music, as music is timeless – when done right.  There’s lots of variations on chords. And lots of khakis.  Speaking of Khakis back to Dockers! (is there a Dockers! brand band?) I love brand and roll. Introducing  The Vassarettes.

Free Credit Report Band. Those dudes have the pop pitch down pat. Almost XTC like. And the Milk glam dude: White Gold.  I dig this stuff – when it works. Apparently there is now a Bra Brand Band (BBB) – instead of YYY.  It got me thinking about other Brand Bands – California Raisins for starters.  Some might present a plausible argument that The Monkees was a brand band- but I beg to differ. I LOVE McDonald’s commercial with the smooth jazz (R.K. Kelley was on to somethin’) – crooning about nugget blocking.  The Carpenters career was jump started by  Paul Williams’ tune – “We’ve Only Just Begun” – after being used for a Crocker Bank advert. Music and Brand, Brand and Music – timeless.  Please fill in the blanks.  Who did I leave out? Much more fun than citing synth pop as something new.


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