Classic Track of Day – The Jayhawks

1995 American 43006

1995 American 43006

Hard to believe this record is already 14 years old.ย  It feels like yesterday. HappyParts is returning to Austin 14 years later – with memories of seeing Jayhawks play tunes off this record in some big hall type thing – not sure if it was the year this record was to be released, orย  for the first one.ย  Tryston reminded me of the show – (90’s brain fry)ย  she just moved to Costa Rica – imagine that.ย  Another prompt came up – from Dennis Cook’s tweet a few days back – ” Gary Louris & Mark Olson of The Jayhawks are two of the best modern songwriters most folks don’t know.” – I second that.ย  They have made some of HappyParts most favorite modern recordings.

If we only lived in a different time,ย  when quality compositions ruled the airwaves, and the hipster runoff wrote about artists with true soul.ย  Perhaps with the demise of music as a broadcast visual commodity – we will return to focusing on song.ย  Sure, Sure it’s exciting to hear about a new scene or sound – but for the most part- that’sย  fashion. Timeless lyric, harmoniesย  and melodies last forever. ย  Olson/Louris would have been right at home in the Brill Building – I was pleased to learn they recently releasedย  “Ready For The Flood” –ย ย  which I will now have a good reason to visit my local indie shop.

Pray For Me


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