Modern Art Pawn Shop


Willem de Kooning, Gotham News, 1955, oil on canvas. (c) 2008 The Willem de Kooning Foundation/ARS

Nevermind that bring the change jar to Safeway- dig through your modern art collection and these dudes will loan you a 10 million.  They say it’s discreet – not so sure when NYT runs a story on who, what, where – and the loans have to be registered. That’s some fuzzy discretion. But I digress.  These dudes must have some great stuff even in the kitchen.  Imagine their garage sales when people default.  I would sleep out in front for that one.  Fetch me up some Jasper Johns action.  Challah! Ian and Baird are my kind of rock stars.  Please sign me up for the meet and greet.

Art Loans

Art Capitol Group



  1. ii have two modern art masterpiceses by jack sonenberg circa 1965 for sale or pawn if you are not interested could you please suggest a alternative direction that i can take thank you w.swann

  2. i have two modern art masterpieces by new york artist jack sonenberg circa 1965 that i would like to either sell or pawn . however if your not interested can you point me in the right direction. thank you w.swann

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