Classic Track of Day – Led Zeppelin

1976 Atco 7255

1976 Atco 7255

Long winded today.

HappyParts will never forget hearing Achilles Last Stand for the first time.  It was at Kai’s house on a late sunny afternoon, dazed and confused – HappyParts became smitten with classic rock and roll.  Up until then HappyParts was doin’ the West Coast Punk, new-wave/ new romantic shuffle.  Have really never shaken my Led Zeppelin jones.  HappyParts went to see a big UK post-punk-pop (P-cube)  import on Saturday night – White Lies.  My hotel room key in Austin was White Lies impression schwag.  (I also got a Yeah Yeah Yeah’s cab receipt too!) Both from this same company   (I think? – dug the effort – would love that budget) Back to the show-  I was impressed by the first few numbers, but I was more impressed by the sound.  I ran over to the board, and told dude – that he was doing amazing work.  It was a sound built for an arena.  Rumor has it this band can do that in Europe. It’s gonna take a minute in the states – Unless Gossip Girl has them play the finale, and Blair ends up doin’ Jack from the band. HappyParts is keen on sound systems these days – cuz so often do developing artists get screwed by horrible sound.  It’s a shame really. Everyone suffers.  Granted, you have to have the songs – but without quality sound- the talent gets lost.  Achilles Land Stand was arena rock 101 for me, clocking in at 10:23….

Achilles Last Stand



  1. I’m a punk fan that has never (even when it was fashionable) been so ridiculous as to trash Zeppelin. They remain the finest rock band that ever stepped on a stage. Most of my punk brothers will admit that Zeppelin recorded the first and best punk song of all time-“Communication Breakdown”. Check out Achilles Last Stand on the Led Zeppelin DVD released in 2003. Phenomenal.

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