Graham Coxon’s 7th is the ticket.


All around geezer, Graham Coxon is about to unleash his concept beast. HappyParts was fortunate to catch a few sets in Austin in March – and the boy genius is back indeed. On his 7th release – he has indeed tapped into his true soul.  Found a nice young blogger who covered the news so eloquently – not sure who is releasing in the states – but from what I heard – it should be a no-brainer for the Pitchfork set, NPR and beyond – as his numbers have pop melodies that will sound great in-between Wavves , Sonic Youth and  Neil Young.  Right where Graham likes to be, really. Check out the a single named ‘In the Morning’  he released on April 18 for Record Store Day. True soul – all the Queens men can not hold him back.

Jp’s Blog

In The Morning

Green Eggs and Graham! Nice one.


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  1. […] on his   ‘concept’ record – tracks are slowly popping up on tweets and blips. (HappyParts posted a tune a while back)   I’m not sure about the official US release date – but […]

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