Classic Track of Day – Thin Lizzy

1977 Mercury 1186

1977 Mercury 1186

On 1977’s Bad Reputation, Thin Lizzy were re-tooled by the legendary Tony Visconti (T-Rex, Bowie, Sparks) The tunes may not be all that exciting – but their performance was arena rock tight. Granted Phil Lynot was once penned Springsteen light by the dean.  (so true, I might add)  On Bad Reputation his lyrical observations were served up straight, no chaser- “You got a bad reputation, That’s the word out on the town,  It gives a certain fascination, But it can only bring you down,

Bad Reputation



  1. What nonsense, a ridiculous way to approach Thin Lizzy’s music, you could argue that they epitomise straightforward unpretentious music, absolutely performed with feeling. For those people who get a bit sick of the posturing and calculated gesturing of someone like Bowie (I mean, “Jean Genie” is one of the most embarrassingly over-contrived things I’ve ever heard, and have you heard”The Laughing Gnome”? FFS), it’s a godsend that a band like Thin Lizzy exist. Have you heard “Dancing In The Moonlight”?, a great lyric. Jesus, why can’t you just say what a good song it is, without proclaiming that they lack depth, it’s really galling to hear that bullshit. R.

  2. […] Click here to go to HP to check Thin Lizzy’s “Bad Reputation” […]

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