Classic Track of Day – Visage

1980 Polydor 800029

1980 Polydor 800029

I received a text last night from an inspired  friend – something to the effect – “I’ll call you later, I am at the Animal Collective show.”  That was a gasser.   ‘Modern’ communication protocol  from an astute music junkie that truly happened.   I later went to sleep and the curtains cleared.   Dig if you will,  this picture dream:  I was at a rest home of sorts and AC was playing live. And the geriatrics were dancing away – hands in the air, clapping with  smiles on their faces.  There’s no shame in that. Electronic collage music ala Rauschenberg meets  Grateful Dead trips zone (I actually never went inside a Dead show – just purchased  hallucinogens in the parking lot(s).

It brought me back to those years in-between my love for straight stoner rock and disdain for 80’s pop – when I was open to modern sounds, ideas, and movements.  Visage was the  leader of the new romantic music collective(s).  I can hear their influence in so many contemporary songs these days.  It warms my heart.

Fade To Grey


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