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cd review: sir lord von raven – please throw me back in the ocean

May 20, 2009

pub rock is an oft-derided genre that fell in that small ravine separating glam and punk. during its heyday, it caught fire most strongly in the uk, raising groups like rockpile, eddie and the hot rods and ducks deluxe. although it is still kicking around england for nostalgic kicks, it has found its most ardent champions here in the states, where some young bands have found its capricious blend of ’50s rock, r&b, glam and psychedelia to be the perfect outlet for their own musical yearnings. one such group is the oakland-based outfit sir lord von raven. named for the band’s front man – a gent with the perfect tone of glammy sass in his voice – they have cranked out a dozen swaggering, slinky tracks for their debut disc. all the elements are here in full force: boogie-woogie piano, stomping rhythms, honking saxophone, even a rumbling, boozy cover of fats domino’s β€œi’m ready”. like chasing shots of bourbon with spoonfuls of confectioner’s sugar, it’s a disc that mixes the sweet sting of a sugar high with a dizzy alcohol buzz.

Voice Of Energy – Spot on Mr. Ham! You’llΒ  be pleased to note that a few of the writers you admire, also tuned in, andΒ  feel the same way- more reviews coming soon! Godspeed.


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