Worldcafe = Hipster Central, pass the tweet.

So cool.  Let’s face it NPR = N-Be-Hip. Nevermind the bullocks – Bob and Bruce are keepin it indie. True indie! All the kings men can not hold them back. Remember back in March when World Cafe had Golden Animals in the studio?  Well dig this: Direct from Pitchfork :


“This afternoon, May 21, Pitchfork’s fearless leader Ryan Schreiber will appear on the NPR show “World Cafe With David Dye”, along with Dave Thompson, author of the book I Hate New Music: The Classic Rock Manifesto.

(Nothin’ better than music geeks waxing poetic  about  music:  indie salon,  baby, like gearheads and carburetors. )

Unfortunately, it’s a radio show, so you won’t get to see Ryan’s new haircut. (It’s a pretty good haircut!) You will, however, get to hear Schreiber, Thompson, and host Dye discuss new music. Given that Ryan does not hate new music, and co-edited a book, The Pitchfork 500, that is all about the greatness of new music, this should be fun.

The show will run on over 200 stations nationwide, and you can use this site to find where and when it’ll be playing near you. Or you can listen to the WXPN Philadelphia stream online here; it runs 2:00-4:00 p.m. Eastern time. “


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