Classic Track of Day – Aerosmith

1977   Columbia    34856

1977 Columbia 34856

1977 is considered one of the best years for punk rock.  (I dig the 80’s too)  It was also an amazing year for over indulgence for the arena rock artists,  and music executives too. (Yetnikoff was/is my hero- and is busy helping others today) Disco was reaking havoc on the masses, and labels were cashing in. There was no MTV, and rock radio developed artists, not “hits.”  There was no instant broadband gratification for fans.  If you wanted the rock,  you would have to pay, or wait in line. Recorded in Armonk, NY at a convent (the home of IBM back in the day too)  – They tracked this tune at the height of their opiate bottom.  Dig the bass line.

Draw The Line



  1. I have not studied Aerosmith per say but one would think that with 3 guitarist that the bass would not be the driving force in one of their song. But hear it as clear as day, this song doesn’t make the cut without that bass line. I like some Aerosmith songs but can’t get behind an album. So I’m indifferent. Pretty good classic track.

  2. […] Click here to go to HP to check Aerosmith’s “Draw The Line” […]

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