SLVR = 789

Kind of an Op-Ed post – but not really. I have faith in the process.

The life of the indie label gets curious – real life bi-polar. Between the labor and financial investment and/or risk – you wait.  As Travis Bickle said so eloquently – “The days go on, they never end.” After clicking around a bit in the am – Wanted to set my focus for the week – radio? retail?  press? blogs? social media? – Hmmn? Being a true- indie – it’s a chess game really. The key element is the art, the music. If  it’s great – it’s only matter of time. Such is the case with Sir Lord Von Raven.  Robert Vickers has been quite helpful too in the most honest, and reasonable way indeed to help spread the word.

Today’s discovery- Torrent search – SLVR  total “free” downloads to date: 789.  Now that’s something to be happy about or sad- depending on one’s perspective – It’s 789 music consumers that took the time to download or borrow HPR 909 and listen Vs. the 200 promo’s sent to music press. If we could only create some rules with the new “free” music economy – if you download free, and you love it – say it. Post a tweet, a bulletin, tell your friends – whatever. There used to be a sticker on LP’s back in the 80’s – “When you play it, say it.” How about  “When you download it, tweet it”  Either way, the numbers don’t lie – and I see the 789 as a positive review and  789 people who HPR did not have to pay to plug the record.  They heard about it, and searched it out.


But the golden question? If a little more than half of the  789 did purchase,  HPR would have re-couped, and Eric and Jenny could buy their  newborn a new toy.  After all, that’s why we do this yes? To pray that somehow- we can make a living with something we all love: music.  It’s where art and commerce collide. That’s why it’s called the music (business). Without the business part, the labor, the investment, the soul – this would all disappear.  There is no free lunch.  Interesting fact: initial retail orders for HPR909 were the most to date for any release. So there is still truth in the aisles. (Shout out to indie NARM attendees)

Thanks for listening 789! It all adds up. Now the other 175 -(great reviews have come in)  Please move the Rx closer to the player- Take SLVR b.i.d.  for 1 week.  Your body can not tolerate an absence of rock and roll for any much longer. I have faith in true soul.


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