Graham Coxon – The Spinning Top – bag it early


This just in – if you dig British Folk and low-fi fuzz – then pony up to Amazon for Graham Coxon’s 7th – HappyParts posted some notes about the release a bit back. We were lucky to catch some live sets at SXSW – the man’s tapped into that place that true souls know. So far the Metacritics are feeling just fine – coming’ up with new words and personality analysis about Graham’s this or that. – You’ll be amazed before you’re halfway through. True soul, all the kings’ men cannot hold him back. Oh, and Blur has reunited too. You might have heard about that already.

Direct from GC’s blog:
“From Thursday 11th June, for a limited time only and exclusively to Amazon, you can purchase Graham Coxon’s highly acclaimed new album, ‘The Spinning Top’ without paying import prices. Details of a fuller US release will be announced soon. ”

The exclusive order link:

Music Links and Information-
Graham Coxon’s site
GC on MySpace
Transgressive Records
Midlife: out today in the UK too

Check out Johnny Flynn too while yer at it: He’s a Ricky Nelson, Hank Senior sort of soul 24 years young- sure to please anglofile ranch hands across the land. Pull up a rock to the campfire, and dig his tunes. He looks to be making a record in Seattle now with a band. Sounds like he’s on to something bigger than a time machine.


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