How to lose 30 lbs. in 12 Months

Here’s the skinny – no pun intended. There is no order to all of this, but it seems to work for HappyParts.

1.Join Gym and go every day. Be friendly. But don’t be a creep.
2.Do Cardio 45 minutes @ 3.8 mph at 11 point incline.
3.100 crunches afterwards. And if you’re in a zone, lift weights.
4.Wear a purple velour sweat suit to the gym.
5.Daydream about girls you have no chance with.
6.Have something to worry about 24-7.
7.Eat food you like. (Nachos, Thai, Sushi, Indian, whatever.)
8.Don’t eat before Gym (eat after) – tap into stored energy sources first.
9.Learn to say “fuck it,” before you do something stupid.
10.Get dumped by your girlfriend. But make it amicable.
11.Web never closes, so work all the time.
12 Learn Buddy Love’s lines from 1963 original version.
13.Kill the late night eating. Avoid total crap foods.
14.Less talk, more action.

Wanda Jackson – Let’s Have A Party


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