Flashback Post – Giorgio Moroder – still smitten.

1972 Dunhill/ABC Records DSX-50123

Giorgio Moroder simply does not get enough praise. His early work – clearly an exploration of various sounds, arrangements and genres. Behind every sonic genius is a series of  ‘creative transgressions‘ that evolve into a signature sound – like early painters- Pollack – studying on under Thomas Hart Benton slowly moved from realism to abstraction. Warhol started painting shoes for adverts. Picasso moved from realistic portraiture into cubism. Giorgio Moroder began with exploratory synth-bubblegum pop – evolving into huge orchestral arrangements at 120+ BPM.  So many artists have lifted from Giorgio’s early work – that’s nothing new, but when it’s obvious – it makes for good indie shop salon banter.  Is it obvious that I love this dude?


Watch Your Step

That’s How I See Her



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  1. I wholeheartedly agree! This man’s influence went far and white and will continue to inspire generations to come.

    Please check out my writeup on “Here To Eternity”:

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