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Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. – Simple Girl

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Classic Album Cover of Day – U.T.F.O


Record Shop Day Recognized By Parliament!

Record Shop

3:13 PM GMT 15/04/2008
Record Shop Day Recognized By Parliament!

MOJO HAS JUST received word that Frank McAveety, the Scottish MSP and former Lord Provost of Glasgow will be raising an Early Day Motion in the Scottish Parliament to support Saturday’s Record Shop Day celebrations. Will London’s witless witan follow suit? (GWB must have listened to some Grand Funk whilst doing bong hits with his Yale homeboys! Come on George- step up for the long players!)

Meanwhile, Sister Ray Records in London’s Soho has announced that Domino acts Lightspeed Champion and Wild Beasts will play live on their premises on April 19. Spillers in Cardiff (reputedly the world’s oldest record shop, established in 1894) expect a visit from respected Radio Wales broadcaster and roots music savant Frank Hennessy.

Courtesy of Mojo Music Blog.

Metallica is doing signing @ Rasputin Mountain View on Saturday. Unfortunately HappyParts will be filming the first episode of The Agency, and then searching for the Afikomen at his parents house that evening. Everyday is record store day for HappyParts. $1.00 LP bins is where the magic happens. For US Record Shop Activity for Record Store Day- Visit your local shops! Bless Eric from Criminal Records – Total Indie Shop Soldier!

How To Speak Hip


Free Your Mind And Win A Pony

Available very soon. 11 quality rock and roll tracks.

Golden Animals
Free Your Mind And Win A Pony
Catalog #: HPR288 (CD) HPR287 (LP)
HappyParts Recordings


1. The Steady Roller
2. Queen Mary (The Flop)
3. Ride Easy
4. Try On Me
5. My My My
6. Follow Me Down
7. Turn You Round (Don’t Let Nobody)
8. My Friend Bill
9. I Want You To Come
10. Alice
11. Darkness & Light

LP coming soon.



Howlin’ Rain – Magnificent Fiend


So I been reading about this record the last few weeks. The press has been rolling by me daily. Was real stoked to support the home team. Especially since I dig the boogie woogie. I love the early 70’s $1.00 bins-So many sounds, and lost soul to mine. So this record sounded dreamy to me. I went by to Rasputin to buy my copy today. I have a little label- so I feel obliged to buy music when I want to really tune in- especially in today’s climate. File sharing was fun, (like riding a moped) but now it’s killing the true indies. (speak for myself) Back to Howlin’ Rain. I dig the boogie-rock- always a pleasure to hear groove-boogie from a tasteful core, with a history in space and psych influences. Ethan seems like a a right on dude. And my pal at Amoeba, quietly educated me about his local history, and jet set respect. So my faith in the project grew, and today I got to listen – kind of jazzed, like when I was kid and I bought Queen- News of The World- still one of my all time favorites.

It’s fun to see so many reviews throwing some of my favorite 70’s band names around. – The overall feel of the record is sweet- real delicate at times-quite sure I could feel the kick drum more live- it’s real quiet on the recording. I was preparing for some deep soul-groove action- some thick-ass kick drum, and floor tom, boom boom, what do I know- I just like to really feel the rhythm section- especially in the “big rock” as the ad quotes are suggesting. Perhaps the next run- they can scribble in ” Big “(delicate)” rock” Lots of crisp snare action. I want to get down! I dig the low end to really get down – see Blue Cheer, Grand Funk, and early Chicago, you know the score. -If I tweak my bass knob it helps- and that is what moves me- Thanks for the music dudes. “Dancers At The End of Time” is straight up jam. Lots of curve-balls – which keeps things interesting.

I live in the east bay- guess I have been living under a rock. Kudos to having the Rubin machine helping with the process. All the hired guns are really handling your business. Hug them, before they get laid off. I keep seeing your name everywhere. This just might be one of those records that after 5 listens, it will really warm up- that’s the best stuff. I hope people take the time to purchase, and listen. You never know these days. Anybody who likes to get down with a Hammond, and horns, and pull it off, tastefully, I can identify with. Stay on the road forever and get yours! Godspeed.