Leave it Alone/Together at Last – McGee & Rojas

Bolinas Museum

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Psyche-Paths + Gotham News

HappyParts found this board game last week at an estate sale for $3.00.  Details: 1969 Funtastic, Division of KMS, Inc. No.805. Everyone loves Psyche-Paths. The game puzzle people play. The last thing I bought at an estate sale was a puzzle for 1959  ‘Gotham News’ painting by Willem de Kooning from Albright-Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo N.Y.  That was a good day too. Curiously the puzzle was also manufactured in 1969. This is getting spooky.

Painters Painting

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

What’s On (the walls)


“From pure pop, through psychedelia and the birth of progressive music, Beatles to Bowie explores the dramatic developments of pop music and culture, and their lasting impact that continues to live in the memory today.”  Here’s a tangent – I once saw an amazing exhibit at the Victoria and Albert on film, music and fashion from Brando to Techno.  The highlight for me was the New Romantics.  They had Adam Ant’s stage clothes on display. 

 National Portrait Gallery

Some Kind Of Gypsy


Jenny lsq hipped me to Blip FM and now she is slaying me with her keen ephemera eyes – Music Journalist or Art Director? It feels like she could wear any hat. Godspeed Jenny.

Some Kind of Gypsy

Las Cienegas Projects – Los Angeles

Erik Bluhm * Sediment

Erik Bluhm * Untitled (Sediment)

Las Cienegas Projects is an artist-run curatorial project and gallery space focusing on large-scale, collaborative and project-based artworks by emerging and established artists both local and international. n addition to exhibitions, Las Cienegas Projects will make limited edition artist’s books and feature both etching and bookmaking residencies and workshops that will mix established artists with local youth of mixed income levels. Etching workshops will produce limited edition prints that will be available for sale in the gallery’s small bookstore, in addition to a selection of contemporary art books. Located in a 1940’s bow truss building on South La Cienega Boulevard in an area known more for its car washes and donut shops, the gallery’s immediate neighborhood was previously known as Rancho Las Cienegas, “The Swamps Ranch.” The Los Angeles River was redirected in the early 19th century and flooded the region, turning it into marshland swamps. A similar phenomenon has happened in the Los Angeles art world during the last several years, as many galleries have replenished and re-contextualized these former swamplands on South La Cienega Boulevard.

Las Cienegas Projects is co-founded and directed by Amy Thoner, Steven Hull, and Samuel Kashani. The new space will feature reading lounge furniture and related installations by Los Angeles artist Dewey Ambrosino.

Las Cienegas Projects is thrilled to inaugurate its space with an exhibition curated by Scott Marvel Cassidy:

You Can’t Expect To Get Back To Normal, featuring Erik Bluhm , Jim Shaw, Caroline Thomas, and Scott Marvel Cassidy.

The opening reception will be on Thursday, June 18th from 6 to 9 pm, and will feature a live musical performance by Polar Goldie Cats.

The main pretense in assembling this exhibition of these three artists and myself, was the defining similarity, inspiration and differences to my own work. Optimistically, this grouping will inspire further investigation between the borders of collage, metaphor and the current social-political climate. The works in this exhibition utilize imagery from popular culture, documenting psychological and aesthetic developments personal and familial. This group of paintings is a hypothesis of pictorial content loosely based upon William S. Burroughs and Brion Gysin’s “cut-up” methodology. This permits the mixing of such content as conceptual, emblematic and formal. The resulting synthesis, whether selected intentionally or by chance, can be self sufficient, function as supplementary or drive the narrative of these works. – Scott Marvel Cassidy

Las Cienegas Projects
2045 S. La Cienega Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90034
Wednesday through Saturday, 11-6

Shelves for Life

What owners, Harold? We don’t
own anything. It’s a transitory
world. We come on the earth with
nothing, and we go out with nothing,
so isn’t “ownership” a little
absurd? Well, if some people are upset
because they feel they have a hold
on some things, then I’m merely
acting as a gentle reminder – I’m
sort of breaking it easy — Here
today, gone tomorrow, so don’t get
attached to things. Now, with that
in mind, I’m not against collecting


Shelves for Life via Blort

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