Classic Soundtrack of Day – Hedwig and the Angry Inch

We need more rock and roll films. We need more film soundtracks composed by Stephen Trask. This movie is a classic. Highly recommended¬†by HappyParts. It’s uplifting, spiritual and a great motivator for independent¬†thinkers, movers and shakers. Stay on it, whatever it is.

Angry Inch

Tear Me Down

Classic Soundtrack of Day – The Wild Angels

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Classic Soundtrack of Day – Clueless

1995 Capitol 32617

1995 Capitol 32617

Only fitting that i post today about this soundtrack – several reasons and and too many metaphysical connections to ignore: first I located it in Rasputin budget bins (buy 3 get one free 1.95 each – which rules) Like houses, used used plastic sleeves have also gotten cheaper.¬† I’l load you up with links to make my case – there’s some name droppin’¬† to follow,¬† so if that¬†offends you:¬† move .

Russ, a good-timer said¬† “that Radiohead tune was the video with them in the grocery store, remember that?”¬† I said “Yeah, I think that Jake Scott directed that, and¬† Verve’s ‘On Your Own video’” –¬† (a beautiful tune that got lost in space) I then noticed tracks by Velocity Girl, Cracker and Mighty Mighty Bosstones – all of which were oddly connected through email exchanges this past week – David, Nate and Mike.¬†¬† HappyParts has never rode¬†the Radiohead train – Perhaps I need my ears examined.¬† This tune reveals some true soul.

Fake Plastic Trees (acoustic)

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