Classic Track of Day – Joakim

Not too many modern disco tracks (electro) catch my ear – An earlier vibe came from Rival Consoles – via Rob Da Bank. This one comes via Creamteam.TV – Joakim.   A mild space jazz  vibe is present – that loops from an Axel Foley bump into sleepy choral pop into bunk ‘soul’ guitar break  than back to the bindle for the big come down.  It’s artists like Joakim and Rival Consoles that have an obvious soulful vision present – looking forward when they produce a human R&B outfit or make a commitment to one sweeping hook per track. It all depends on their motives. But I digress.



Hype Machine Top Music Blog List –

All the blogs that The Hype Machine checks for fresh music. If you want to learn about some music or where the buzz is coming from- click away. Some of these blogs take leaps of faith and find something special- Dig in- they provide a jet-set perspective, besides saving trees. “Mp3 Blogs killed the Music Magazine Stars?” It’s quicker to write, post and hit enter- so only time will tell. You still can’t beat flipping through a magazine on a rainy day. See: NME, Mojo, Spin, Rolling Stone.

An interesting trend- indie kids seem to enjoy straight-up Casio-laced-disco these days- which is ironic, but nice- for 15 minutes. See- Justice and Chromeo-I prefer over the top classic disco with strings and the whole enchilada- people playing instruments-Listen to these dudes:- Escort.

Top Music Blogs On The Net powered by + technorati

Blog Score Technorati Score stereogum 1955 16866
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Idolator 377 15426
Spinner 257 20336
WFMU’s Beware of the Blog 484 10037
Gorilla Vs. Bear 837 4193 776 4097
3hive 1689 1652
Music ( for robots) 1294 1896
Fluxblog 1056 2239
said the gramophone 1010 2222
aurgasm 1617 1098
My Old Kentucky Blog 573 2892
Largehearted Boy 992 1647
La Blogoth que mp3blog 309 4679
i guess i’m floating 520 2339
soul sides 685 1670
You Ain’t No Picasso 275 3683
bigstereo 526 1786
Palms Out Sounds 483 1916
fluo kids 449 2055 355 2268
Chromewaves 238 2472
Motel de Moka 254 2284
goldenfiddle 397 1385
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