Classic Track of Day – Joakim

Not too many modern disco tracks (electro) catch my ear – An earlier vibe came from Rival Consoles – via Rob Da Bank. This one comes via Creamteam.TV¬†– Joakim.¬†¬† A mild space jazz¬† vibe is present – that¬†loops from an Axel Foley bump into¬†sleepy¬†choral pop¬†into¬†bunk ‘soul’¬†guitar break ¬†than¬†back¬†to the bindle¬†for the big come down.¬† It’s artists like Joakim¬†and Rival Consoles¬†that¬†have an obvious soulful¬†vision present – looking forward when they produce a¬†human R&B outfit or make a commitment¬†to¬†one sweeping¬†hook per track. It all depends on their motives. But I digress.



#musicmonday – harmony central.

Gram Parsons & Emmylou Harris – ‘Return of the Grievous Angel’

Ellie Goulding & Erik Hassle – ‘Be Mine’

#musicmonday – Shaun White Snowboarding World Stage


The Dilettantes – Ready To Go

#MusicMonday – Classic Track of Day – Primal Scream


1994 Creation 129

“Rocks” – Primal Scream was over their Screamadelica¬†trip, and traveled¬†south to¬†track¬†with Tom Dowd at Ardent Studio, Memphis Tennessee. ¬†The result was jukebox ‘true soul’ revivalist boogie.¬†¬†Have at it.

Faces – Stay With Me (Live)

Vodpod videos no longer available.




#MusicMonday- Nirvana 1990 x Two


Photo: Chris Cuffaro

1990 demo “Pay to Play”¬†aka ¬†“Stay Away” on Nevermind:

1990 live track “Scoff” on up-coming¬† Bleach re-issue:

Side A – Flamin’ Groovies #MusicMonday

1971 Kama Sutra 2031

1971 Kama Sutra 2031

A deep west coast groove for your music Monday. A rare time when Flamin’ Groovies layed down a straight blues riff – super chunky and a villainous rock star lyric to boot: ¬† “Got a woman, she’s my hopped up high school queen.¬† She’s my woman, she’s a teenage love machine. ”¬† Every father’s nightmare, really.¬† Beware of rock bands.¬† Off to work.

Teenage Head