Gabriella Climi lesson to be learned.

Sweet About Me – this is a test of the emergency Mp3 blogcast system: Do pop fans comb Mp3 aggregators? Gabriella Climi’s track was #1 played in UK in 2009, even more than Coldplay (Supertramp, ‘minus the tunes’). Looks like her label brass switched up image to bump her sexy. Works for me. She looks like Kim Paris’ pop stunt double.  The tune?  Borresville.  Now for the test.


Animal Collective Video – “Summertime Clothes”

HappyParts values this group’s sound more so then the the Dirty P’s. HappyParts digs the Beach Boys Gristle. Plus the search engine optimization factor is amazin’. I’ll be doing a scientific test over the next 3 weeks:  Bear Vs. Projector Vs. Collective.  Who will win the cage match?

Classic Soundtrack of Day – Clueless

1995 Capitol 32617

1995 Capitol 32617

Only fitting that i post today about this soundtrack – several reasons and and too many metaphysical connections to ignore: first I located it in Rasputin budget bins (buy 3 get one free 1.95 each – which rules) Like houses, used used plastic sleeves have also gotten cheaper.  I’l load you up with links to make my case – there’s some name droppin’  to follow,  so if that offends you:  move .

Russ, a good-timer said  “that Radiohead tune was the video with them in the grocery store, remember that?”  I said “Yeah, I think that Jake Scott directed that, and  Verve’s ‘On Your Own video’” –  (a beautiful tune that got lost in space) I then noticed tracks by Velocity Girl, Cracker and Mighty Mighty Bosstones – all of which were oddly connected through email exchanges this past week – David, Nate and Mike.   HappyParts has never rode the Radiohead train – Perhaps I need my ears examined.  This tune reveals some true soul.

Fake Plastic Trees (acoustic)

Classic SEO Tip of the Day – Google Trends

Just in case you are trying to figure out how to ramp up some clicks- consider following Google Trends daily. That way you can select the key words to embed in your posts.  Click on a few of these key word search term trends- Google actually provides “Hotness” levels – similar to mexican salsa:  Mild, Medium, Spicy, and Hot. Not sure why I am sharing this with you today- It’s not you, it’s me.

Top Searches on NY TIMES.COM

africa art barry bonds berlin book review brazil broadway strike bush china climate change college crossword death penalty education energy food gay global warming golden animals health care high school hillary clinton immigration india iran iraq japan korea marketing maureen dowd metropolitan diary modern love new york none november 5 obama obituaries oil pakistan politics recipes religion science sleep stem cells teddie’s apple cake thanksgiving turkey war women writers strike

Hype Machine Top Music Blog List –

All the blogs that The Hype Machine checks for fresh music. If you want to learn about some music or where the buzz is coming from- click away. Some of these blogs take leaps of faith and find something special- Dig in- they provide a jet-set perspective, besides saving trees. “Mp3 Blogs killed the Music Magazine Stars?” It’s quicker to write, post and hit enter- so only time will tell. You still can’t beat flipping through a magazine on a rainy day. See: NME, Mojo, Spin, Rolling Stone.

An interesting trend- indie kids seem to enjoy straight-up Casio-laced-disco these days- which is ironic, but nice- for 15 minutes. See- Justice and Chromeo-I prefer over the top classic disco with strings and the whole enchilada- people playing instruments-Listen to these dudes:- Escort.

Top Music Blogs On The Net powered by + technorati

Blog Score Technorati Score stereogum 1955 16866
brooklynvegan 697 20793
Idolator 377 15426
Spinner 257 20336
WFMU’s Beware of the Blog 484 10037
Gorilla Vs. Bear 837 4193 776 4097
3hive 1689 1652
Music ( for robots) 1294 1896
Fluxblog 1056 2239
said the gramophone 1010 2222
aurgasm 1617 1098
My Old Kentucky Blog 573 2892
Largehearted Boy 992 1647
La Blogoth que mp3blog 309 4679
i guess i’m floating 520 2339
soul sides 685 1670
You Ain’t No Picasso 275 3683
bigstereo 526 1786
Palms Out Sounds 483 1916
fluo kids 449 2055 355 2268
Chromewaves 238 2472
Motel de Moka 254 2284
goldenfiddle 397 1385

The Verve – World Exclusive download on NME.COM

The Verve – World Exclusive download on NME.COM

Download the band’s first new music in ten years for free – now!

22.Oct.07 9:00am

Hear the first 14 minutes of music The Verve made after deciding to reunite for free on NME.COM from today (October 22).

Rather than kicking off their reformation with a band meeting, the Wigan legends met in a studio in Richmond and jammed out some musical ideas together.

The first fruits from that session can now be heard today for the first time from 10.30am (BST) in the form of the ‘The Thaw Session’ – the title a reference to ‘Deep Freeze’, an experimental bonus track on the band’s last album ‘Urban Hymns’ – a 14-minute track you can get for free.

To download a free version of the band’s first new music in over ten years, simply head to NME.COM/verve from 10.30am. The download will be available for seven days only.

Once you’ve got your free copy of the track let us know what you think of it, by posting your comments with verve in the subject.

Meanhile the band have added a new date to their comeback tour, playing Nottingham Arena on December 11.

To check ticket availability and get all the latest listings, go to NME.COM/GIGS, now.

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