I love this tune right now: Estelle – Thank You


Classic Track of Day – Port O’Brien

Port O’Brien – I was familiar with the group’s name, label, local time-served, and hispter praise – but not their music.  Most  jetset jockey releases put me to sleep. This track stands up. I found it on a free sampler at my local record store, Rasputin. “My Will is Good”  has a dark and bright dream pop feel to it all. Keep it to yourself.

Port O’Brien – My Will is Good

Classic Track of Day – T-Rex

1973 - Edsel

1973 - Edsel

Only Marc Bolan could get away with wearing a feather boa on his album cover. Panned by many critics – this 1973 record had a bonus #3 UK pop track added on re-press: 20th Century Boy. Since then it continues to pop up in films and adverts. HappyParts was on the treadmill to hell today, and curioulsy enjoyed glam’s o.g  lay down his timeless riff on the gym P.A. system.  (seriously) HappyParts would bet his lunch on this riff any day. Have at it.

20th Century Boy

Brian Wilson + Glen Campbell – Guess I’m Dumb

1993 Bootleg / Unauthorized

1993 M&M Japan

Brian Wilson + Glen Campbell = Sonic Heaven.  Once again, Richy  tipped me off. After hearing this tune, I was smitten. HappyParts contacted Jefferson at Amoeba – and he said good luck- “I have been looking for for the 45 for 15+ Years.  Then Dennis “The Menace” Schreyer locates the Mp3 in about 7 minutes.  Dennis is a subterranean radio iconoclast of sorts – he knows just about everything in underground pop music – He religiously prepares for his radio interviews – leaving both the artist, and listener amazed before they’re half way through.

I clicked around for a back story of this tune – you really can’t fact check – unless I happen to be riding a bus with Glen or Brian sometime soon.  Carry on – unsubstantiated details:  Brian Wilson produced this song with Glen Campbell on vocals – as gesture of good will for his performance work with Beach Boys.  ‘Guess I’m Dumb’ is an early production artifact  re-confirming Brian Wilson’s  mastery of Chamber Pop.

Glenn Campbell – Guess I’m Dumb

Classic Track of Day – Chad & Jeremy

1964 World Artists #2002

1964 World Artists 2002

This tune was pop hit in England back in 1964. It was produced by Shel Talmy who learned his craft in Los Angeles as an engineer. The back story is curious: Whilst on vacation in England, he played some Beach Boys and Lou Rawls tracks to some Decca brass (erroneously claiming production credits) -They hired him on to produce some amazing groups – Kinks, The Who, Bowie, The Creation, and more. He had the skills to back up the Beach Rawls ruse. Rushmore fans might remember this tune from the movie soundtrack too. It’s a folk-pop beauty. Talmy’s story makes it even better.

A Summer Song

Classic Track of Day – Shift

1995 EVR 25

1995 EVR 25

Back in 1994 – “bidding wars” were an exciting event for people like me – who had nothing better to think about.  (and still do apparently) Correct me if I am wrong – but Equal Vision Records introduced majors to  “Emo.”   (Some cite Wash DC hardcore as ground zero for the EMO movement) And since then,  the genre’ has morphed into a Hot Topic drive-thru.  So many sleeves and piercings.   I  get dizzy.  The bands are having fun, while the cash flow is positive. I heard that Local Natives from  Silverlake  are  generating an indie   ‘signing -buzz’  And after clicking,  I noticed Grabel is right there with the paperwork.  (again) Sir Richard is the consummate American  “Indie -Consiglere.”  I nominate dude for a lifetime indie achievement award.


Classic Track of Day – Massive Attack

1991  Circa/Virgin  91685

1991 Circa/Virgin 91685

The other night David Letterman introduced Sonic Youth as a “seminal” group from rock’s lower-east side. Indeed that’s true. But you know how HappyParts feels about that word. Massive Attack is also a seminal group. Their feel, the production, the art direction – both sound and vision – an urban soundtrack for an un-written picture.  Although warmly accepted by the jet set,  and college radio,  Blue Lines made little impact on the mainstream upon release.

Today their sound, production style, and vision can be seen and heard in plethora of media platforms- film, TV, games, phones and ‘best new music.’ The Wild Bunch collective had their hands in several top selling releases – from U2,  Bjork, Portishead and Rhianna. – And again quietly like an ebbing tide, producer Jonny Dollar died on May 29th, 2009 at the Royal Marsden hospital at the age of 45. He had been diagnosed with cancer in August 2008. His passing went without much hipster fanfare – but his legacy can be heard in the fabric of  summertime clothes,  808s and poker face.

Unfinished Sympathy