I love this tune right now: Grinderman – Bellringer Blues (Nick Zinner Remix)


Friday Night BPM = MIA XXXO w/ JAY-Z

MIA (w/ Jay Z) – XXXO

Thank you Fader for the bump. HappyParts digs deep BPMs.

XL Recordings – MIA

MIA Official

Fear The Remix

(Don’t) Fear The Reaper – not remarkable BOC output, but the most familiar. And tonight on Daily Download, I stumbled upon this cover with a bump of minimilst BPM. From the last few posts, you would think I have lost my mind. Not true! Just searching for some inspiring neo-Soul music to sign to HPR, and disovering some curious songs along the way. This whole remix thing of everything these days is a bit much. My inference is that pro-tools has made everyone a mixer now. And not good ones. This Van She track is an exception.

BOC – Don’t Fear The Reaper

Van She – Don’t Fear The Reaper (Holy Ghost B Live Mix)