BBC Radio Music6 taps in.

Golden Animals are featured this week on BBC 6music
Tom Robinson’s introducing– You can hear the show all week-
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HappyParts Update-

Great news from the trenches- Dilettantes will be played on BBC Radio 6Music- Tom Robinson’s Introducing show starting this Sunday. The show will remain on line for 7 days- So you have a chance to listen to several new finds-This is great, as the band is wrapping up bookings for UK Tour in March. They will also travel over to France for some dates too. Global programming, from discerning ears. Godspeed.


Golden Animals entered The Hangar with Thom Monoham to mix their album. With Chris Coady’s help- they made some amazing recordings using all vintage gear to tape @ Tiny Telephone. Vocals were recorded at the original indie gangstaJennifer Herrama’s studio by Nadav Eisenman. The songs are solid- Quality Rock and Roll that will tear up any highway. Note to self- Good things come to those who wait.

The Impediments have decided that’s it’s time they make the record. (Before they graduate Berkeley High) They have the right stuff. They have the raw talent to channel their inner Dead Boys, NY Dolls and Funkadelic jones- and deliver a rock record, steeped in the Bowery & Ann Arbor legacy-where true souls came to believe- churning rock into punk, and back again. (sometimes in dresses)

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“Anyone’s Guess” has golden ears.

02 January 2008

golden animals :: do the roar!

tommy eisner and linda beecroft form the eclectic bluesy folk duo golden animals, whose debut album (as yet, i believe, unnamed) will be released sometime early this year. the pair have an engagingly old-fashioned sound that feels both homemade and yet slightly unrecognizable, and at times, like on “big red rose,” they recall david vandervelde‘s laid-back & fuzzy seventies-inspired rock.

the golden animals do have one ep, do the roar!, already to their credit, off which comes our songs today, and are currently playing a few shows spread across california, though mostly in the southern part of the state it seems. they will, however, be touring widely later this year in support of the album. keep your eyes peeled, gang.

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Russh Magazine Australia- Golden.

Our friends @ Mistletone Records in Australia hooked this up- Nice one- If you can’t read- ( BIG magazine, and my HPR is not) click on the article to visit Mistletone’s MySpace Blog or HappyParts MySpace Blog- We’re friends. They are nice. Golden Animal’s debut album will be mixed & mastered in the next 30 days- The songs are a heavy kind of beautiful. Yeah, I am biased, but soon you will be too.