Side A – Mark Lindsay

1970 Columbia 9986

1970 Columbia 9986

I dig Jerry Fuller’s  “wall-of- sound light” production. (both kooky and groovy)  Looks like Jerry only produced squares for the most part.  I’m not judging,  I’m just sayin’.  Arizona lyrics are a gasser – “strip off your pride you’re acting like a teeny-bopper run away child”   Mark sounds like a Fox News anchor for the most part.  He’s not too fond of hippies.  After hearing  Doves and Fleet Foxes over the weekend – gonna have to throw up some Glen Campbell real soon.  I dig  ‘Spaghetti Western’ pop.  This one’s  for Richy and Dennis.



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New Digital Camera- Stay Tuned-Wall of Sound

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So Tryston said I need to get busy with a Digital Camera for the HappyParts Recordings Blog. Bring this blog to life- you know…I will start carrying my camera around town, and take pictures of folks in the hood- This first shot is taken from my crib – It’s my wall. There’s more records in my stacks on the floor-all original issue- I must admit- I am a collector geek.  I want you to see the Crazy Charlie Roll – It’s a sushi roll that I created, and has become a top-selling roll at the place. Imagine that- a sushi roll production credit. Get me an agent! Nice One! Let’s smile and know that VERVE hits the stage in about 24 hours in Glasgow- for the first time in 10 years. This just in Golden Animals are done tracking their album. Next up- the mix. Stay Tuned-

The boys are back in town

Stevie and the Nicks!

images.jpgimages.jpgimages.jpgimages.jpg Now that’s a girl group.

Nancy Grace and the Wall of Sound

Phil Spector’s trial starts this week. I’m not too excited about this situation. This guy is a genius. His art will be debased by Nancy Grace and the other cable Jets. Sure, Phil got himself into this mess. And there was a life lost. It’s a Wall of Suck for everyone involved.